Compute Options in GCP

Compute Options in GCP

27 April 2021

Compute engines lets you create and run Virtual Machines on Google Infrastructure. Google Cloud Platform(GCP) provides a variety of computing options according to users needs.



App Engine

Application instances to run in sandbox across multiple servers.It provides automatic scaling for web applications and automatically allocates more resources for the web application to handle the additional demand.

Typically used for:

  • Focus on writing code.
  • Developer velocity.
  • To minimize operational overhead.

Compute Engine

It allows you to create virtual machines, allocate CPU and memory and choose from SSD or HDD storage. It basically allows you to create a workstation/computer virtually and handle all its details.

Typically used for:

  • Complete control
  • Ability to make OS-level changes.
  • Ability to move to the cloud without rewriting your code.
  • To use custom VM images.

Kubernetes Engine

It is an open source  container management and orchestration tool for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.

Typically used for:

  • No dependencies on a specific OS.
  • Increased velocity and operability.
  • To manage containers in production.

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