Transforming BFSI through Innovation

With changing times & orientation, the key challenges in the financial sector demand robust, real-time, scalable, and seamless solutions. Tudip’s core expertise in the domain and AI-based approach has helped various businesses, belonging to finance setup, to improve on their four main pillars, namely – security, payments, risk management, and operational accuracy.

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Digital Banking Solutions

Escalate the future of banking with our scalable digital solutions. Tudip offers online banking platforms, mobile banking apps, desktop apps, and customized software tools to level up customer satisfaction and engagement.


Robo-Advisory Platforms

Conquer the competitive financial sector with our robo-advisory platforms. Leverage AI and ML to offer requirement-specific investment advice, portfolio management, and financial planning services.


Payment Gateway Integration

Ease up transactions and provide a seamless payment experience with our custom payment gateway solutions. We have proficiency to integrate a variety of payment methods to meet the distinct requirements of your customers.

Tudip believes in empowering the unexplored tech segments with its AI-driven tech approach. The wide range of solutions for the finance domain is built to incorporate the latest technologies, ensuring that your business stays upbeat and relevant in an ever-evolving industry.

A Walkthrough to How Tudip Delivered an ace of Fintech Solution



From manual to complete automation – See how Tudip transformed insurance claim management process at Turtlemint.
Turtlemint is a renowned name in the insurance stream. The company extensively advises the customers in buying insurance of vivid types, and assists in their hassle-free claim settlement.

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