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About Us

Too little space to describe ourselves. Anyway let's try.

We are agile. We are responsive. We solve problems. And we solve them really well.


Our clientss freely share their ideas and business strategies. This commitment goes way beyond formal NDAs and paper work.


Our clients vouch for our technological and process innovations.


Our clients go to bed with a problem and wake up with a solution because we guarantee serenity.

Our Clients

And our Clients absolutely LOVE us!


James Black


I worked with Tudip for the past year to 10x scale our operation. I was initially impressed with how quickly Tudip was able to source, hire, and train talent.


Jennifer Anderson


We’ve been working with Tudip for the past nine months on our mobile app and also on the deployment and hasting of our Google cloud platform.


Stathis Mytilinaios


I have been working with Tudip on several projects and what distinguishes a good QA team from Tudip is their consistency, the ability to have great judgment and the attention to detail.


Brandon Wilkes


Tudip is awesome! I can’t express how great it has been working with the development team at Tudip. I came to them after having a horrible experience.

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