IoT is all pervasive – from homes to industries to enterprises.

With every passing day, it is becoming a significant part of our lives. We all are connected with the internet and further, IoT is playing a key role in connecting us together in a bunch as well as individual to individual. Thus, making the world actually a small place and strengthening connections. However, these are just starting glimpses, IoT has a lot in store for us.

Innovative Solutions for IoT Devices and Wearable Technology

The tech evolution has intensified the need of businesses of all kinds, Tudip’s IoT services satisfies all such requirements through advanced tech based solutions . From data analytics to sensor integration to selecting the best suitable platform, we do it all seamlessly under our IoTs & wearable technology umbrella.


Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are the key platforms where we have experience, credentials and capabilities in delivering solutions.

Detailed Device Strategy

Our experience, proficiency and skills help us to devise an IoT strategy that can envelope all business requirements.

Device Monitoring and Management
Requirement Gathering and Analysis
Thought Leadership

Business Process Modeling
Problem Statement Definition with Recommendation

Design and Develop a Winning Platform Story

AI backed platforms help us to build intelligent solutions having futuristic designs.

Device Monitoring and Management
Requirement Gathering and Management
Multi-tenant Architecture

Device Vendor Agnostic Solutions
Device Virtualization
Secure, Reliable, Scalable and OTA Firmware Updates

Connect Your Every Single Device

Enhance safety of your business or provide a safer environment to your customers through IoT service connected physical assets.

Design Flow Implementation
Device IoT Enablement

Customized Form-factor Design and Prototyping
Enhancements and Certifications

Different Industries Unique Requirements

Solve the never before solved business challenges through IoT.

End-Device Application Development
Multiple Protocols and Cross-platform Support
Native, Mobile Application Development

Easy Data Import and Export
Industry Specific Solutions
Reengineering and Optimization

Seasoned Skill, With Vivid Experiences

IoT demands for practiced knowledge and myriad experience,
a rare combination that we pull in as systems integrators


IoT Quality Assurance

IoT Testing involves physical, sensory and emotional interactions as digital devices not only work based on keystrokes, but also respond to our touch, motion, and voice. This makes ‘Human Experience’ testing a very crucial part of IoT testing. It will also involve testing all possible devices for all possible permutations and combinations of OSs and software supported.


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