We provide Artificial Intelligence solutions to help organizations automate processes with real-time data.

Beyond data, what you need, is a deeper insight. With AI/ML, we can help you anticipate your business challenges and design solutions to meet those challenges ahead of time.


Delivering Innovative AI & ML Powered Solutions

Tudip brings a decade of combined experience in empowering companies design, build, and implement AI-powered software via which we will transfer your ideas into tangible solutions through technical implementation. By Using AI & ML techniques, Tudip will help businesses hit their business growth.

We at Tudip Technologies help you incorporate,

  • Superior user experience through personalization and recommendation
  • Real-Time decision making
  • Data-driven models that help to identify opportunities and threats
  • Reduced operational cost with streamlined processes and preventive maintenance practices

Acquisition of data

Tudip uses the best tools and technologies for information extraction, labeling, categorization, intent recognition to enable machines to understand the human languages.

Information Extraction
Information Labeling

Information Categorization

Identification of Data

The data scientists working on Artificial Intelligence software have to determine which workflow best fits the business requirements and for that Data analysis plays a very important role which caters to analysing Prediction, The sentiments and Customer churn

Prediction Analysis
Sentiments Analysis
Customer churn Analysis

Churning off the irrelevant data

Our experts collects and cleans the raw-data and makes it ready for you by removing duplicate files, incorrect and irrelevant information from the data

Collects Data
Cleans Data
Merges Data



Customising your needs to reality

We at Tudip in customising your needs to reality and make it market-ready product, so customise your machine learning solutions to leverage data driven culture

Deliver customised Machine learning solutions

Find out how we can help you with AI/ML solutions

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