Corporate Social Responsibility


We Stand by You activity by Tudipians

To honor the late Himanshu Singh Patel’s sad demise from COVID, the team Tudip delivered the cheque which includes one year’s salary, to his family in Indore. He got hired through Tudip’s campus recruitment process and worked with us for 1.5 years.


An initiative called “We Stand by You” was launched by Tudip during COVID-19. The family members of Tudipian losing life due to Covid-19 will continue to receive a salary for one year and Tudip will also take care of the education of the children till their graduation.

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CSR activity on 26th January 2023

On the occasion of India’s 74th Republic day, we bow down to the Tricolor. We salute & humbly stand in solidarity with the constitution of India. A code of conduct that drives and defines 1.4 Billion Indians.

It has been an honor for us to visit Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center (PRC) on Republic Day. PRC is a program for members of the Indian Armed Forces (Army, Navy, and Air Force) who have been medically boarded out, or retired from service, as a result of spinal cord injuries sustained while serving the country. Tudip’s Charitable Social Responsibility (CSR) contributed a modest amount to show gratitude for the services provided by our armed forces.

These smallest deeds take up the most space in someone’s heart as giving is not just about making a donation but a difference. The Tudip team demonstrates its commitment to such socially responsible causes repeatedly, as part of its belief that “We Rise by Lifting Others.”

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Bhumi, you will be missed!

Bhumi, a vivacious 11 year old girl of a middle class parents, developed GBS ( in the first week of February.

As Tudip is always committed to support girl’s empowerment, we offered medical and financial help to Bhumi and her parents and started sponsoring her medical expenses.

Sadly, in spite of all the valiant efforts by the doctors and support staff of Government Medical College of Jabalpur, Bhumi lost the battle on the morning of 25th Feb.

Bhumi, thank you for all the joy, smiles and hopes that you spread in this short span of time.

We are going to miss you forever. Rest in peace girl. Hope you have found a better place to shine brighter.

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